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Welcome to Constellation Data Systems Web Site.

Constellation Data Systems is a full service electronic design and software engineering firm. Constellation Data offers relationships built around an excellence in products and services. Our products and services are delivered with a tradition of professionalism, quality, personal service and sincere follow through.

We Service clients world wide from our office in suburban Cincinnati Ohio. We are also available for short notice offsite engineering to Virginia, Washington DC, Tampa, and throughout the midwest.

CMOS Imaging
Rapid Response Development

Constellation Data supports licensable IP cores (built around Micron® CMOS image sensors) which result in a substantial reduction in engineering cost, risk and time to market / time to fielding.

For further information on Image Sensor IP cores, facial detection technologies, or integrated board level reference designs, please contact Product Sales.

In supporting Homeland Security, including the War on Terrorism Constellation Data systems brings specific expertise and innovation, in the areas of affordable:

• Chemical detection
• IR / low light imaging and night vision

For further information in Homeland Security partnering opportunities, please contact Product Sales

Constellation Data has recognized that it is often possible to rapidly accelerate development engineering without having to make compromises on quality or adding risk. From this recognition, the Rapid Response Development Initiative (R2DI) was born.

For further information on using R2DI methodologies, to accelerate your time to product fielding, please contact Constellation Data Custom Engineering Services.

What's New: Support Commitment for Windows XP Professional 64 Bit Edition.



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